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Investment Banking Institute Financial Modeling Training Programs

Investment Banking Institute, more commonly known as IB Institute, offers specific courses for Financial Modelling and Company Valuation for Merger & Acquisition.

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Here are details as well.

IB Institute  has different levels when it comes to Investment Banking course. From all the levels, Level 1 , 2 & 3 are the most important level you have to learn if you’re interested in Financial Analysis and Modeling.

The course is divided into FIVE sections, as follows.

Level 1 :- Excel Fundamentals & Advance Excel Fuctions/ Formula and Macro (using VBA)
Level 2 :- Basics of Financial Statements (IS / BS / CF) and Analysis
Level 3 :- How to Prepare Financial Models using Various Financial Statements or Annual Report on Excel sheet and making a forecasting
Level 4 :- Company Valuations using Different Valuaton methods (DCF / Relative / Transaction)
Level 5 :- Merger and Acqusition Analysis / Acceretion or Dilution

Excel Fundamentals & Advance Excel Functions/ Formula is the Skill when you want to ‘learn valuation and financial analysis and master in your investment banking interviews,’ as they term in themselves. Here is a summary of what you will be getting with this course.
Modeling tests as well as case studies, because IB Institute wants to train you for real life financial project work, not just from a theoretical point of view.
justification of the concepts, seeing as there is no way you can figure your interview if they ask you conceptual questions and you cannot answer them.
Learn Valuation and financial analysis and master in your investment banking interviews

Create Financial models

Learn how to scale a company directly, objectively, and fast and much more.
Aside from that, the actual Excel chapters that are to be found in this course have their basis in two cases from real life. One of them will ask you to manage, format, and analyze the customer’s data.

1.What Around The Certification?

This is so far thing you don’t have to worry about if you plan on going for the IB Institute investment banking training I advised. All of them, no matter which one you choose will provide you a certification upon completion.
Once you have completed the course which you’ve selected, you will directly become eligible to take the Certification  of Microsoft .If your score is equal to or higher than 80%, and something tells me it will, then Microsoft,USA will send you a certificate.
In fact, it is a Certificate of Achievement that has your name on it, as well as the quiz’s name and the date you graduated on it. You can attach it to your personal resume when you’re searching a job in financial analysis or investment banking.
Here is a head of warning, though.
Take the course and exam on a serious note. Most people suffer to have out of date opinion even in 2017 and believe that, just because it’s done online, it’s not a serious thing. However, I must warn you that your certificate has a link which employers can use to see what was on your exams and what you have learned. In this way, they can tell for sure if you’re qualified or not to get the job.

Should You Turn to the Financial Modeling Courses Free Option?

That is a possibility as well. In case you don’t want to pay the fee or simply don’t have enough money, you can go for IB Institute online Coaching Free Videos for advanced excel  Section, as well as whole financial valuation training programs.
For example, you might not get a certification after you finish. Moreover, even if you do get one, it might not be recognized by future employers or by your college. As a influence, this means that your efforts of going through the course might be in vain.
Secondly, free courses are typically not very well structured or organized, which means you will have to struggle with working your way through the material. This idea adds up to studying in daze and wasting a lot of time trying to comb through it all.
Thirdly, and most important of all, If you have less money then you can buy IB Institute's structured online Pen Drive course of 54+ hours at Just INR 6000 /- with lifetime access .
Free financial valuation training on You tube or other portals in not recommended as If you don’t know the author or there is no trustworthy source for the material, then the content might not be realistic and, therefore, valuable.

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