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5 Reasons Why Financial Modelling Course Is Must For MBA’s

1. Your MBA /CA / CFA  is Too Theoretical :-

 I hate to break the bad news to you, But all courses teach you completely  theory and definitions about things like – what is cash, what is a debt downplay, how does a company raise money etc.
   That’s why bankers are tired of interviewing MBA’s,CA, CFA’s who don’t know the basic thing about  how to use MS Excel to analyze companies.
But what companies like Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank need you to know is how do you rule the fair stock price of a company given all their financial statements.

2. Fundamentally Understand How a Company Works :- 
If go for advanced financial modeling the right way, you will acknowledge  the fundamentals of how a company works. Once you understand this carefully your scope for growth in Corporate Finance is limitless. 
Why Financial Modelling

3. Get Technical :- 

The only technical skill you have as a MBA/CA/CFA is your ability to perform detailed corporate analysis such as
  • Build an expected sheet were you put in all the data drivers for your model.
  • Build an Income Statement with detailed lined items covering revenue roll-up, inventory affecting cost of goods sold, hiring plan affecting salary, capex affecting depreciation, liabilities affecting interest expense etc
  • Build a Cash Flow Statement that connects the Balance Sheet with the Income Statement.
  • Build a Sensitivity Analysis table where you can test how the company will perform under different scenarios – best case, worst case and average case.
4. Opens Up Many Career Options :-

Financial_modelling_CoursesAlmost every corporate finance role requires financial modeling knowledge. That’s Why if you learn financial modeling, it will open up a wide variety of career choices for you  – Investment Banking, Equity Research, Fixed Income Research, Risk Management, Credit Rating, Portfolio Analysis etc.
The main reason financial modeling is so flexible  because it helps any job role that deals with analyzing a company. Since very few people really know how to build a financial model, you will immediately have an advantage.

5. Become a MS Excel Expert :-

While learning financial modeling you will learn how to use MS Excel to perform the various analysis. MS Excel is the most common tool used by businesses today.
Knowing MS Excel is an absolute must as an aspiring finance analyst.

What do you think? Are there other benefits of learn financial modeling?

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